No more overcrowded gyms.

No more membership fees.

Arizona's Professional Home & Commercial Gym Supplies, Design and Assembly

No more overcrowded gyms.

No more membership fees.

Arizona's Professional Home & Commercial Gym Supplies, Design and Assembly

High Quality Fitness Equipment

Choose Professional Home and Commercial Gym Assembly

  1. Time-Saving
  2. Expertise and Experience
  3. Avoid Frustration and Stress
  4. Ensure Safety and Functionality
  5. Correct Handling of Heavy Equipment
  6. Customization and Adjustments
  7. Focus on Enjoying Your Gym
  8. Comprehensive Service
  9. Peace of Mind

Why a Home Fitness Space?

Here Are Our Top Ten Reasons for Having a Home Gym

What Makes Us Different

Personalized Service

We tailor each installation to our customers' individual needs.

One Stop Shop

All of our equipment is in-house. No need to go elsewhere.

Quality Guaranteed

We only sell the best commercial-grade fitness equipment

Competitive Pricing

We source directly from the factory, and pass the savings to our customers

Free and Fast Local Delivery

We bring your orders to you fast and, at no additional cost

Installation Available

Our professionals are here to make sure your product is set up perfectly

Over 105 5-Star Google Reviews

"Couldn't Be Any Happier"

Emanual S.

I just got my home gym setup complete and I couldn’t be any happier with the service I received from cactus fitness, Michael gave me a lot of different options and walked me through some of the differences in equipment and was extremely honest. No upselling or crazy sales people to deal with was one of my favorite parts of the process. I got exactly what I wanted and needed the price was very competitive and service was great. I would highly recommend cactus fitness to my friends and family I can’t wait for someone to ask me who set me up!

"Impressive for the Price Tag"

Amara M.

I am incredibly pleased with the equipment and truly did not expect such great quality for the price we got. The equipment itself is remarkably impressive for the price tag. I also would like to note how lovely the entire experience was. Micheal was so honest and knowledgeable when helping us pick out equipment. The set up was seamless. Most importantly Micheal and his family were the kindest, most genuine people. It brings me Joy to support a veteran owned small business. Could not recommend them enough!

"Quality Equipment"

Courtney C.

Quality equipment at a great price! I bought a 210 lb dumbell set with rack from Michael. The whole process was easy. Michael was very responsive and helpful. I opted to installed the equipment myself and had no problems
Michael stayed in contact with me to make sure I was good and had what I needed. I really appreciated that. Will definitely buy more equipment from him. Thank you!!

"Very Professional"

Nathan R.

I highly recommend this equipment, I personally went and picked up my equipment with Michael he was very professional and a very kind person! Had the chance to talk to him for a bit and he has a great heart, good person to help with what you need. He even loaded my equipment for me and I am very pleased with the excellent quality of it.

"Quality and Service"

Taylor A.

So impressed with this company and quality of service. We ordered gym equipment and within a day, we had full delivery and set up of everything we purchased. Mike was very informative, professional, and dedicated to making the installation process go smoothly. We will definitely continue to purchase from Cactus Fitness Equipment!

" Amazing Customer Service"

Liz A.

Amazing customer service! Replied and answered my questions immediately! Worked around my schedule for delivery and assembly! Super polite and friendly! I will definitely be returning when I’m in need of more fitness equipment!

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Call Us For a Free Quotation

(602) 332-3910

4852 W Sunrise Dr.
Laveen Village, AZ

Home Gym FAQ's

Definitely! Home gyms can be worth it for many individuals, offering convenience, time savings, privacy, and the ability to personalize workouts. The decision depends on individual preferences, lifestyle, and the importance placed on factors like flexibility and long-term cost savings.

Setting up your home gym is straightforward! Start by pinpointing your fitness goals, designate a space and choose your workout essentials. If you want to skip the hassle, Cactus Fitness Equipment offers professional installation services—we'll make sure everything is good to go hassle-free. Your home gym, your rules.

That really depends on you and your needs, as everyone is unique. First, figure out your fitness goals, then give us a call. We can help you be your best self.

Absolutely! Home gyms offer convenience and customization. They provide a personalized and distraction-free space, making it easier to stay consistent with workouts. With the flexibility to tailor routines to your liking, achieving fitness goals become a convenient and achievable.

Absolutely! Home gyms are a solid platform for muscle building. With the right equipment, dedication, and a well-designed workout routine, you can effectively pack on muscle mass in the comfort of your own space.

Certainly! Home gyms can be set up upstairs, but it's essential to consider the weight and impact of equipment on the floor. Ensure the floor can support the load and consider using protective flooring to minimize impact and noise.

In some cases, yes. If your home gym is exclusively used for business purposes, you may be eligible for tax deductions. However, specific rules and regulations can vary, so it's advisable to consult with a tax professional for personalized advice based on your situation.

The cost of a home gym can vary widely based on factors such as the type and quantity of equipment, brand preferences, and whether professional installation is required. On the lower end, a basic setup with essential equipment might cost a few hundred dollars. However, more comprehensive home gyms with high-end equipment can range from $1,000 to several thousand dollars.

A home gym offers unmatched convenience, letting you work out on your terms without the hassle of commuting. It's a personalized, cost-effective, and time-efficient fitness solution tailored to your lifestyle.